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Canopia Coop. V.

Birthday : 07/01/2016
Adress : Calle Carboneras, Nº04 12413 Almedíjar
City : Almedíjar
Phone : 646205241
About me : Canopia is a work related and non profit cooperative. It is a collective and self-managed project located in Almedíjar, a small town located in the “Sierra de Espadán” Natural Park (Province of Castellón, Valencian Community, Spain). Its objective is to contribute to the construction of new social, economic and environmental paradigms, demonstrating that life in the countryside does not belong to the past but can be a response to many of the problems of our time.
The cooperative is active in the local environment and serves as a meeting and exchange place for its people and many others to develop initiatives and activities.
Currently, the cooperative manages a guesthouse (La Surera). At the same time, the cooperative is developing new projects around the promotion of the local economy (agriculture, transformation of agricultural products, handcraft), territorial management, environmental education, art and the recovery of cultural and natural heritage. We consider that participation, collective intelligence, the construction of a shared territorial vision as well as the mutualization and articulation of resources between actors are essential elements to move towards a resilient, sustainable and inclusive development. We are committed to the promotion of synergies with local organizations and initiatives through dynamic networking.
Occupation : Non profit cooperative
One thing I love : Cooperation
One thing I hate : Hierarchy
My experience with european cooperation : We are part of the Europimpulse Network, a collaborative space for experiences sharing and the incubation of ideas and initiative. Within the network, we have participated in several events and european projects ("Keeping Democracy Alive", November 2016 and "Time to (re) connect",December 2017, "Stay Human 3rd edition, June 2018), organized at La Surera Hostel, place of accommodation and meeting point that we manage in Almedíjar.
Projects I have participed in :
What I can offer to network members : - Experience en cooperative projects
- Experience of rural dinamisation
- A meeting and exchange place
What I can would like to learn from network members : - Collective intelligence
- Participative construction of a shared societal vision
- Mutualization and articulation of resources
- Promotion of synergies with other initiatives through dynamic networking
Map location (street, city...) : Almedíjar
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Jean-François ALBERGHI

Birthday : 19/04/1978
City : Rocafort
Phone : +34 608 645 361
About me : Hello!
I'm Jeff and I have been working with european projects for the 15 last years in Finland, France and Spain. I'm specifically interested in projects related with Arts, Culture, Education, Social Innovation and Sustainable development.

I'm working since 2010 as freelancer and in 2014 I started up with the EUROPIMPULSE project. This project aims to train, prepare and support Civil Society to participate to cooperation projects at european level and to strenghten an bottom Up approach at european level.
Occupation : Father_Traveller_Trainer_Consultant
One thing I love : Boats and islands
One thing I hate : People that are sure that they know the Truth
My experience with european cooperation : For the few last year I have been mostly working with ERASMUS+ programme (I have been quality assesor for french National Agency from 2015 to 2017). However I used to work with all knid of european programmes: Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, Cosme, Interreg...

My way of working is to study first the project of the organization interested in european cooperation and then to define a european strategy including possible partner profiles, funding opportunities, realistic planning...

I believe (or at least I'm trying to support it) on European Cooperation based on Bottom Up approach.
Projects I have participed in : Impact+
What I can offer to network members : A bit of my time to find a way to organize all those experiences and know-hows that we are gathering in here ;)
What I can would like to learn from network members : I need to keep connected with local realities and needs... not to get lost with only european perspectives
Map location (street, city...) : Rocafort
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